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In Tube gift box

In Tube gift box

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Natural Cork

Cocktail Nature / Natural Snacks 30gr

Honey in tube 85gr

Ribatejo Olive Oil in tube 60ml

Bee pollen granules in tube 35gr 

Follow the Swallows ... Through the Portuguese flavours and traditions. Discover, Guided by their graceful flight, the best of Portugal.  Feel welcomed by the Portuguese hospitality and take with you this symbol of love and prosperity.  the swallows is one of the Nation's  iconic symbols, In bygone days a sign of hope when the Portuguese sailors glimpsed Portugal's Shoreline.  The products inside are a selection of the Portuguese quality.  A combination of the best of unique regions in a distinctive and portable format.  Embrace this adventure with a smile, following the swallow through the flavours and extraordinary places in Portugal.

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