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Delta Q aQtivus

Delta Q aQtivus

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Intense and stimulating

With a pleasant and robust flavour, Delta Q aQtivus is an authentic exploration of the vibrant cultures of Laos, Vietnam and El Salvador. aQtivus is an intense and stimulating blend that results in an espresso with a roasted nut aroma, a light fruity touch and some acidity.

Asia and Central America
Delta Q aQtivus blends the best coffee beans from Laos, Vietnam and El Salvador. Every Delta Q capsule contains an unforgettable journey to the world’s best coffee sources. The secret of Delta Q coffee’s quality is in the mixture of beans from different coffee-producing regions, blended in exact proportions, and in the art of roasting.
Sensory profile
Delta Q aQtivus is a rich and intense espresso with notes of caramel and roasted nut and balanced acidity. Each Delta Q capsule always guarantees a perfect expresso: unmistakable flavor, aroma and creaminess.
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