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Snack Castanha na Hora - Ready to eat chestnuts 100g

Snack Castanha na Hora - Ready to eat chestnuts 100g

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The Snack Castanha na Hora is a product with 100% natural fruit without added preservatives, colorings or sugars. They maintain their natural freshness, bringing to mind the most traditional flavor in a healthy way.

Snack Castanha na Hora is recommended for all age groups as it is a very complete and balanced food. It has a strong antioxidant power, an excellent source of energy, promotes skin health and brain function, stimulates immune and bone reinforcement. Gluten-free, rich in magnesium, fiber, vitamin B and copper, it is also recommended for pregnant women due to its high content of folic acid.

With the Chestnut Snack on Time you can have a ready and pleasant snack anywhere, surprise your friends with a delicious appetizer, prepare a delicious dessert or add a touch of refinement to your dishes.
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