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Corretora - Tuna Ventresca

Corretora - Tuna Ventresca

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Ventresca stands for the belly of the tuna and it is the choicest part of the tuna, literally breaking down into chunky and delicious slices when preserved in olive oil and lightly salted. Ventresca designated toro in Japan where is most valued, is an undeniable temptation.

Corretora is an Azorean brand offering high-quality canned tuna, particularly regarding Ventresca, earning a prominent place nationally.  

Tuna Ventresca Corretora 120g : Premium belly fillets in olive oil.
This is by far the juiciest and tastiest part of Tuna, with a soft and delicate texture.
If you never tried, don´t miss this luxury tuna.
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