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Delta Q Qharacter

Delta Q Qharacter

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Full-bodied and sophisticated

From the best coffee plantations in Africa and South America, Delta Q Qharacter is an intense blend with a lingering aroma, notes of caramel and dried fruit, and balanced acidity. Qharacter blends the best Colombian coffee with the most exquisite selection of coffees from Brazil and Ivory Coast.

Africa and South America

Delta Q Qharacter results from a mixture of coffee beans from Brazil, Ivory Coast and Colombia. Every Delta Q capsule contains a journey to the world’s best coffee sources. The secret of Delta Q coffee’s quality is in the mixture of beans from different coffee-producing regions, blended in exact proportions, and in the art of roasting.
Sensory profile
Delta Q Qharacter is an espresso with an intense flavour and unforgettable fragrance, with notes of caramel and dried fruit, and balanced acidity. Each Delta Q capsule always guarantees a perfect expresso: unmistakeable flavour, aroma and creaminess.
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