Uma casa Portuguesa - Welcome to your Portuguese home

Diverse, Generous and Inviting: if we could only choose 3 words which Lusitanian cuisine had to be remembered by, these would probably be the best choice.

Rich in ancestral traditions, an extremely varied terroir and a human warmth conducive to reunions, Portugal is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a colorful and tasty getaway.

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As Lusitania regulars will know, a visit to Lusitania is to experience authentic Portuguese Tradition

Everyone has a seasoned gourmet in their life – a connoisseur whose discerning palate seeks out the finest food and drink. From the wide selection of Premium Line Olive oils to the large selection of day to day snacks, every tastebud is sure to be enthralled by this expansive collection of delights– a journey to Portugal that your favourite gourmet will delight in.

  • Experience Portugal

    Now open in Bahrain, Lusitania invites you to sail through this sumptuous country with a thousand facets and eclectic gastronomy.

    From Porto to Lisbon, from the Atlantic coast to the Spanish border, influences mingle and create new flavors.

    Lovers of travel and discovery?

    Vemo-nos na Lusitania - Al Liwan Mall!

  • Showcasing the heart of Lisbon's marketplace

    The epic taste could not be done without tasting sardines or mackerel, often cooked in olive oil to enhance the flavors. Indispensable to Lusitanian cuisine, these fish rich in omega 3 and vitamins are processed in the traditional way by Lisbon's historic canneries.

    More unexpectedly, tea is honored in our selection of favourites, being considered one of the best in the world: proof of this is with Companhia Portuguese do Cha and their Lisbon Breakfast tea, as much powerful yet the same time delicate and ideal at any time of the day.

  • The Portuguese Premium Grocery

    From the essential sardines to the most amazing Olive Oils, the Portuguese grocery store is full of treasures. Lusitanian cuisine delights us from aperitif to dessert, starting with seafood from historic houses like A Corretora or more contemporary ones like Briosa Gourmet.

    You can add an ounce of spice to your quinoa or rice dish, Portuguese of course, thanks to the young Portuguese brand O Melhor do Ribatejo, which promotes the richness of southern Portugal, particularly with its spicy flor de sal.

    Conclude your tasting with delicious traditional biscuits from Piacere, Fabridoce or Diplomata.

    Coffee fans will be able to fall for the true espresso experience offered by Delta cafe.

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