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Organic Green Olive Tapenade Caixeiro

Organic Green Olive Tapenade Caixeiro

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Caixeiro organic olive tapenades are made with healthy olives and extra virgin olive oil. Starting from a traditional recipe and adding some aromatic herbs, Caixeiro has created a product that stands out for its texture, flavor and aroma.

The tapenades with olives clearly represent the Transmontana and Mediterranean tradition. They are perfect for creating starters, for bringing a fresh olive flavor to finished dishes, for adding to salads or pastas, or for snacking between meals. They can also be used as a substitute for butter to spread on bread.
It is a product that reflects the color of green olives, with a characteristic fresh taste and a smooth and homogeneous texture.

Variety: 100% Cobrançosa
Caliber: 220/250
Ingredients: olive pulp, lemon, salt, extra virgin olive oil, oregano and thyme
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