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Milk Qool Evolution Coffee Machine

Milk Qool Evolution Coffee Machine

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Milk Qool Evolution promises that “just add your favorite milk to your usual coffee.” This is the first Delta Q machine that incorporates a milk tank and allows you to prepare all drinks with any type of fresh milk (such as “Galão”-latte or cappuccinos). It is the perfect solution for all families who enjoy drinks made with fresh milk that do not lack the quality of Delta Q coffee.

Milk Qool Evolution has unique features: two extraction nozzles – one dedicated to coffee and another to milk drinks – and, not least, an easy cleaning system.

  • Capacity of water tank: 1L
  • Milk tank capacity: 380ml
  • Capacity of used capsule reservoir: 10 capsules
  • Two extraction nozzles: Tisanas and Coffees + Drinks with milk
  • Power: 1200w

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