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Icelandic Cod Loins 1kg

Icelandic Cod Loins 1kg

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Cod Loin are dry and salted. The tenderloin is the most juicy and prickly. They come from a special cut in which the thinnest parts are removed, leaving only the loin. They weigh about 1 kg.


Ideal for baking, baking or grilling.


Tip: The sirloin should be placed in a container of ice water, preferably in the refrigerator, skin side up. The time depends on the stations. Thinner, three days. Medium, four days, thick, five days, and finally very thick, six days. During soaking, change the water once a day. This is important to obtain perfect chip opening. Thorough soaking helps to achieve the required sodium level in the diet. In addition, after soaking, the cod must be removed from the water and dried with kitchen paper.

Add sparkle to dishes like baked cod with chips, lagareiro cod, or cornbread cod.

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