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Delta Q Cinnamon

Delta Q Cinnamon

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The perfect union of coffee and cinnamon

Delta Q Cinnamon was created for all those who enjoy new coffee experiences. This blend is the result of the perfect combination of coffee and cinnamon, and results in a balanced and aromatic coffee that will give your meal an exotic touch.

Asia and America
Delta Q Cinnamon is produced using the best coffee beans from Laos, Vietnam and Brazil. All Delta Q capsules contain a journey to the world’s best coffee-producing locations. The secret of the quality of our coffee is in the blend of beans from different coffee-producing regions, combined in the perfect proportion, and in the art of the roast.
Sensory profile
Delta Q Cinnamon is a blend that gives rise to a medium-bodied, aromatic espresso with clear acidity and notes of cinnamon, hazelnuts and roasted walnuts. With Delta Q capsules you are guaranteed a perfect espresso every time: with unmistakable flavor, aroma and creaminess.
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